People Rave ABOUT JASON !

Janet Hickox, Human Design Coach, Intuitive Astrologer, TV & Radio Show Host

“As a professional Intuitive Astrologer and Human Design Consultant I rarely go to other psychics, however, Jason Livanis is highly intuitive and his readings reflect that. 

Recently he offered to pull a couple of cards for my husband and proceeded to tell me to have him brush up on his resume and put his feelers out there.  At first, I thought he was way off track because my husband had been at the same job for over 10 years and was totally happy there. That night when my husband came home from work, he was disgusted and angry because he was being blamed for something that happened at work and said he was sick and tired of it! Since then, two more incidents have happened, and now he is considering a change.  

I don't know how Jason tapped into that information before it happened, AND over the phone no less, with someone he didn't know or without knowing the situation, but THAT is part of the magic of Jason Livanis.He is TUNED IN, TURNED ON and tapped into the intuitive informational superhighway and his tarot readings are the vehicle he uses. I would highly recommend readings from Jason!!”  

Angela Piatek, Volunteer Counselor at VCS, Inc. for the financially underprivileged, Retired Teacher

“3 years ago I experienced the insight and wit of Jason Livanis when he conducted his intuitive tarot card readings at The Sloatsburg Public Library for a major fundraising event.“How did he know that?” was often heard, with amazement, after individuals left one of Jason’s readings. They were also expressing an appreciation of his candor and knowledge.  

His suggestions for me have been LIFE CHANGING!!  He adds great sense of humor and honesty in his psychic readings....definitely an awesome experience.I’ve had 4 readings in the past 3 years with Jason and he was on target every time!  

His passion and caring come through along with his powerful suggestions for growth.  You will NOT be disappointed and I guarantee you will see him again and again!”

Rachelle M. Parker, Published Writer, Poet

“Jason introduced me to the Tarot over ten years ago. I had questions about everything. I needed to know the How? The Why me? Etc.  

After one reading, I had even MORE questions. His abilities and cards seemed to hold the answers.  Changes had to be made and it wasn’t easy!  I took baby steps.  With his patient help and guidance I turned my artistic writing, my personal and professional life around.  I scheduled monthly sessions and life came into focus. 

I still need to ”know,” but it’s not so scary now with Jason’s help.  I make sure to tune-in every Thursday night to hear his live weekly radio show, “Living Astrology,” on His special brand of straightforward, no BS insight keeps me glued to the program. VERY entertaining!”

Jason Delivers results

Michele Carnevale, Human Resource Director, Allied Old English, VP Hawthorne Volunteer Ambulance

“Jason has been my go t0 Psychic for ALL my life’s challenges - the ups, downs, highs and lows. His guidance and insight have been an invaluable Godsend!

My private parties are always made fun, upbeat and memorable when Jason is there.  When I organize a fundraising event he is always on my “MUST HAVE” short list of participants.  Every time I have gifted one of my friends, family, or associates with a Tarot Card reading by Jason I receive RAVE reviews and the deepest thanks for bringing him into their lives! 

Once you have had a reading by him I know you will feel the same.”

Terri Newman, Head Stylist, Salon of Fashions, Norwood, NJ

“I first encountered Jason’s incredible energy several years ago at The Arts @ St. John's Wellness Center, in Union City, NJ, when I was asked to help out with a 5 hour fundraising event.  He was volunteering his talents to raise money for the church’s outreach development program.  I had learned that the other 3 psychics scheduled to participate had cancelled last minute.  That did not throw Jason one bit!! Over the course of the evening, I watched as he tirelessly gave out sixty, 5 minute readings!  It was like he was tapped into some other worldly energy force!  Everyone was floored by his accuracy, good looks and humor. Since then, I have not only used him for my own private life’s counselings, but have repeatedly booked him to do an “Evening of Tarot with Jason” at my hair salon as a special thanks to my list of select and important patrons.”

Laurie Rastelli, Homemaker

"Thank you for coming to my daughter' Sweet 16 party!You were a huge hit! 

Everyone LOVED you!After the first couple readings you gave, the word got out among the party guests and it was like wildfire.  Before I knew it you had a line that went out across the length of the dance floor! I was laughing because at one point I felt badly for the DJ who could not get anyone to dance. The reason for this was that no one wanted to lose their place on the line to get a reading from you!

Everyone was amazed at how right on you were!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Jason delivers the goods

Donell Redd, Sergeant, US Army, Personal Trainer, NY Sports Club

"I wanted to thank you Jason!! Ever since I had my reading with you my life and my mindset have changed. All of a sudden have a burst of energy, new outlook on life and feel re-energized.  

Thank you for guiding me to make the right choices!  It has changed how I look at myself and life. 

Thank you for the jolt of life you gave !!!I honestly thank you enough and can't wait for my next reading. I have been telling all my friends about your  incredible gifts and hope they will get readings and change their lives!"

Glen Fernandez, Owner/Designer @ Glen Fernandez Design

"My meeting Jason at first seemed to be by chance, although that now seems unlikely and that it was destiny.   I won a psychic/intuitive tarot reading with him through a fundraising event and although I've always been intrigued by the psychic world, I had never actually had a reading. 

It is safe to say that I have  never met with anyone quite like this!Jason is down to earth, informative about many spiritual areas and draws cards from the  past,  present and future on any subject! His knowledge of Metaphysics is outstanding and presents it in a clear simple way!He gave me insight into parts of myself that I wasn't aware of or maybe wasn't paying attention to.  

His spiritual consultation was invaluable towards working through some very important, timely crossroads in my life. 

Thank you Jason!"

Frank LaMendola, Designer, Luxury Items

“I had the privilege to have had Jason Livanis give me an accurate and specific tarot card reading.

My 60-minute reading was packed with detailed information that correctly mapped out my present circumstances, and offered several pieces of guidance for the future. 

My experience was relevant and very helpful and everything that Jason revealed to me, resonated perfectly.

His clarity, accuracy, and intention has provided me the momentum to move forward in the areas in my life where previously felt "stuck"

Jason Livanis is very gifted. and a true psychic, with a great personality. I highly recommend him to anyone I know who is looking for spiritual guidance and I look forward to having my future readings with him.”

Jason Rocks!

Christian Eros Del Carpio, Entrepreneur of Luxury Boutiques

I have been VERY blessed to know Jason for a couple of years. I wanted to be part of the individuals that spreads the word of Jason and his amazing gifts for the Tarot, intuition, Feng Shui and Life coaching. I been fortunate to have him helped me not just by his gifts but also to have him as a friend. That is because Jason does become a friend. He honestly cares about helping people, because he is a spiritual being of light and love.  He will talk to you in the most honest way (Possible curse words) and he will explain to you in details what exactly you need to hear and/or at times hard to hear. Whether is tough love or a simple chat. You will truly enjoy hearing him talk. Take a chance on YOU and give yourself the gift of having a Titillating time with Jason Livanis.. Blessed be!

p.s.  Oh and listen to his radio show Wednesday at 7pm. It is addictive. 

Debbie Tibits-Tumiel (see below)

Microbiologist, Reiki Master, Pranic Healer, Oracle Card Reader, Lo Ha Chi, Channel, Medium, Numerologist, Artist & Mother

"If you're in the frame of mind to trip the light fantastic, THEN my dears, you should most likely follow that all knowing internal intuition of yours and..."BOOK A READING!!!", with one of THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE...The Illustrious: 

###### JASON LIVANIS ######

I GUARANTEE the Cosmic Ride of Your Life on The Spiritual Information Highway!

So give him a Himalayan Jingle & GET YOUR BELLS RUNG! or your Rock'n's Rolled....Jump in Head FIrst and ... JUST DO IT!

~ YOU just can' afford to live another life without one!!!"

Patricia Eyer, Mother of 5 girls, School Teacher & Naturalist

I first meet Jason at a small tarot card reading party organized by a close friend.  

His silver toenail polish, as well as his whimsical command of the conversation left me eager to spend 20 minutes alone with him, focusing on me.

I  walk the line of a skeptic who likes to be entertained, with the hope of garnering a glimpse into my past, present or future….

So I then hosted my own gathering, with Jason the focal point, to provide “readings” to a group of 9.

"He is totally engaging, sensitive, funny, insightful, tender and compassionate!!!"

He also seems to have the ability to randomly connect to images and spirits, which may impact our present selves.  

"Our time with Jason Livanis went quickly and was rich with substance."